This refers to all products issued by pharmacies: medicines, personal hygiene products, nutrition and dietary products and disinfection products.


To be eligible for reimbursement, medicines must:

  • Be prescribed by a practitioner in accordance with the stipulated therapeutic indications 
  • Be included on the list of reimbursable medicines


The treatment form completed by the pharmacist must be sent to the SPME with:

  • For a one-off prescription: by the original medical prescription 
  • For a repeat prescription:
       - For each renewal: by a photocopy of the original prescription including a note about any previous renewals 
       - For the final renewal: by the original prescription noting all previous renewals


The original prescription must also be presented to the pharmacist each time the prescription is issued.

In order to avoid a lower reimbursement rate, consider asking your pharmacist whether a generic medicine is available. If it is, the pharmacist can substitute the generic option for the prescribed medicine, unless the doctor has specified on the prescription that he or she does not approve such a substitution.

Common treatment forms are now used by all social security schemes in Monaco (SPME, CCSS, CAMTI) and are distributed to contracted practitioners.

Prior consent of Medical Advisor

In accordance with current legislation, medicines not on the approved list are subject to prior consent from the SPME Medical Advisor. Your practitioner must submit a request for prior consent.

Please note

Prescriptions are valid for six months.

Unless you are going abroad, you must limit your purchases to the quantity required for one month’s treatment.

Even if they have been prescribed, not all products are eligible for reimbursement. 

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