Dental care


This refers to procedures carried out in private practices or at mutual health centres.

It includes the following services:

  • Treatments:
       - Procedures listed under code D (for dental surgeons: dental procedures and treatments 
       - Procedures listed under code Z (for dental surgeons): radiography 
       - Procedures listed under code CCD (for dental surgeons): consultations 
       - Procedures listed under code K or KC (for oral medicine specialists): extractions, surgery 
       - Procedures listed under code CS (for oral medicine specialists): consultations


  • Dentures:
       - Procedures listed under code DPRL (fixed denture): bridge, crown (metallic, veneer, ceramic), pivot tooth, implant 
       - Procedures listed under code DPRL (removable denture): resin plate, metal frame, skeletal
       - Denture listed under code DIMP (fixed denture): dental prosthesis by implant procedure. Only implant prostheses are reimbursable; the costs incurred for fitting implants are not. Ensure that you request a detailed quote for all the work that will be billed to you (implants and implant prostheses).


  • Dentofacial orthopaedics or orthodontics:
       - Procedures listed under code CS: consultation 
       - Procedures listed under code DORS: dentofacial orthopaedic treatment 
       - Procedures listed under code Z: X-rays


The treatment form completed by the practitioner must be sent to the SPME.

Common treatment forms are now used by all social security schemes in Monaco (SPME, CCSS, CAMTI) and are distributed to contracted practitioners.

Prior consent from the Dental Advisor

In accordance with current legislation, some procedures are subject to prior consent being granted by the SPME Dental Advisor. Your practitioner must submit a request for prior consent when required and wait to receive this consent before the procedures are carried out.

It is mandatory in the following cases:

  • Preparation or fitting of any prosthetic 
  • Any orthodontic treatment 
  • Any special treatment or multiple extraction (more than eight teeth)


In all cases, prior consent from the Dental Advisor is valid for six months.

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