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Direction du Budget et du Trésor

12, Quai Antoine 1er
BP 512

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

Phone : (+377) 98 98 87 73

Fax : (+ 377) 98 98 84 26

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Principle and conditions

This bonus is allocated to households whose head is a civil servant (or temporary government official) if:

  • The household income does not exceed the threshold defined below
  • They collect family allowances from the SPME on behalf of their dependent child or children


The income threshold is established as follows:

RCF + RAMC / Number of children + 2 = 2.277€

RCF: income made by the head of the household

RAMC: income made by the other member of the couple

The resources taken into account to calculate this threshold are comprised of the total income made from gainful employment, including retirement pensions granted to the head of the household and the other member of the couple.

Maintenance allowances and, if necessary, contributions to the expenses associated with the upkeep of common children which are either collected or deducted from the income of the head of the household or the other member of the couple are also taken into account.

Family benefits and housing allowances are not, however, included in the calculation of resources.


Submitting the application to the DBT

You must submit the following documents to the Department of Budget and Treasury, accompanied by your civil servant (or government official) ID number on each document:

  • For individuals who are married
    • A copy of your payslip for December in which the year-to-date net taxable income of the spouse or other member of the household is detailed
    • Or, failing this, a certificate prepared by their employer specifiying the net income made from 1 January to 31 December of the previous year
  • For individuals who are divorced or separated, the monthly amount of maintenance allowances collected or provided to the former spouse
  • For temporary government officials who do not have two years of seniority and whose spouse (or the individual with whom they cohabit) does not (or no longer) exercises paid activities, a sworn certificate which confirms these circumstances is required
  • For heads of households who are affiliated with a Social Security Fund other than the Monegasque Social Funds (CCSS or CAMTI), a certificate of non-receipt of this allowance must be prepared by the body concerned


Civil servants or other Government officials who either collect the single wage (Prime au foyer) or the family support allowance are not, under any circumstances, required to provide any document.

Last update: 02/04/2015

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