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Centre de Coordination Gérontologique de Monaco

11, bd du Jardin Exotique

The Monaco Gerontology Coordination Centre :
(+377) 98 98 42 03
Numéro vert 8000 6000


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Centre de Coordination Gérontologique de Monaco

11, bd du Jardin Exotique

Phone : (+377) 98 98 42 03

Phone : Numéro vert: 8000 6000

Fax : (+377) 98 98 42 06



Principle and conditions

The autonomy allowance is a personalised benefit that is intended to enable elderly people to cover costs incurred by their loss of autonomy, either in their own home or in a care facility.

Applications for the autonomy allowance can be made by any person who:

  • Is a stable and permanent resident in the Principality or in Cap Fleuri
  • Is at least 60 years of age
  • Lives alone or with others
  • Show a certain level of loss of autonomy


Obtaining and completing the form

The application form should be collected by the applicant or his/her family from the Gerontological Coordination Centre, which is responsible for evaluating the degree of loss of autonomy.


Submitting the application

The application should be submitted to the Gerontological Coordination Centre.



Receiving the visit of the medico-social team

The medico-social team of the Gerontological Coordination Centre visit the applicant at his/her home in order to:

  • Evaluate the degree of loss of autonomy
  • Develop a personalised support plan

Once it has been drawn up, the cost of the support plan is calculated and the amount of autonomy allowance to be awarded is determined according to the income of the applicant. This allowance is directly used to pay the service providers (carers, home-help, etc.) who are employed by the individual or provided by the City Hall, welfare associations or the temporary or permanent care facility.

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