Procedure How to proceed if you are injured in a road accident

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Direction de la Sûreté Publique

9, rue Suffren Reymond


Urban Policing Division :
(+377) 93 15 31 09
Outside working hours (+377) 93 15 30 15


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Direction de la Sûreté Publique

9, rue Suffren Reymond


Phone : (+377) 93 15 30 15

Fax : (+377) 93 50 65 47

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Obtaining a medical certificate

As proof of the extent of your injuries, you should ask the doctor for a medical certificate stating:

  • The nature of your injuries
  • Any temporary or permanent medical leave resulting from your injuries

If you did not go to hospital after the accident, you can obtain certification of your injuries later.


Visiting the police station

You should contact the secretariat of the Urban Policing Division to arrange a meeting with the officer in charge of your case.

Don't forget to take:

  • A medical certificate
  • Your driving licence
  • Your car registration certificate
  • Your insurance certificate
  • Proof of identity

You should ask anyone who was involved in the accident or who was a victim of the accident to accompany you - they will need to make a declaration of the circumstances of the accident (minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian).


Starting legal proceedings

The police will register your case and forward it to the Monaco Public Prosecution Department. The circumstances of the accident will then be ascertained, as will any traffic violations, to determine who is responsible.

Copies of the documents relating to your case can be given to the insurance companies. For this, you should make a request to the Monaco Public Prosecutor.


Obtaining contact details of the parties involved in the accident

A document entitled "échange d’identité" will be made available to you at the local police station (24/7). Someone can collect it on your behalf if necessary.


Identifying your insurance company

Vehicles and their passengers are covered by the insurance policy for the vehicle.

Pedestrians and cyclists are covered by their comprehensive household insurance policy or a policy with a legal protection clause.


Making a claim

You must make a claim to your insurance company by telephone within five working days. You should confirm it later in writing.

This will inform your insurance company of the accident you have just been involved in and will start the claims procedure while waiting for the results of the judicial enquiry.

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