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Corps des Sapeurs-pompiers de Monaco

11, avenue du Port

Fire & Emergency Service :
(+377) 93 15 66 99
Emergencies : 18 or 112

Fax : (+ 377) 93 15 60 08

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Corps des Sapeurs-pompiers de Monaco

11, avenue du Port

Phone : Urgences : 18 ou 112

Phone : (+377) 93 15 66 99

Fax : (+ 377) 93 15 60 08

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What to do in case of a storm

So that a storm does not take you by surprise, you should regularly consult the Weather warning map . You should also remain aware of announcements made in the media.

Before the storm

While the storm is approaching, you should:

  • Bring any objects which are likely to be blown away inside
  • Close any doors, windows and shutters
  • Move away from the coast


During the storm

During the storm, you should:

  • Stay inside your home or quickly seek sturdy shelter in a safe place
  • Managers of construction sites should put any cranes in weathervane mode and assemble their personnel inside
  • Listen to the media (radio, television and internet) 
  • Do not call the emergency services unnecessarily


After the storm

Once the storm has passed, you should:

  • Cut off branches which look like they may fall
  • Do not approach electrical lines which have fallen to the ground

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