Burglary prevention advice

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Summer and holiday departures are prone to burglary.  We offer some tips to reduce the risks during your vacation.

Be discrete if you are going away

In most cases, burglars will check to make sure that the building is not occupied.  Uncollected post is one of the signs.  Often, they will ring your doorbell or call your interphone to make sure you are not at home.  Similarly, information obtained from social network sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, can be a valuable source of information for burglars.

Tell your neighbours and the concierge if you are going away.  They can be on the alert for suspicious noises and movements from your apartment.  Some burglars will telephone you frequently to see if you are away.  Consider having your calls forwarded.

Protecting entry points

To protect the entry points to your dwelling, you should:

  • Make absolutely sure that you lock your front door by a reliable locking system
  • Don't write your name and address on your key fob
  • Don't leave your keys under the doormat or in the mail box
  • Develop the habit of closing your windows when you go out
  • Protect your windows with shutters, or even grilles and bars.  An alarm system is always useful
  • Take care to close your shutters in summer
  • Remember that the space between the slats of a roller shutter that is partly lowered will allow fresh air to enter, but can also be used to lift the shutter by a few centimetres, making it possible for an intruder to gain access


For more information and advice consult "Burglary prevention advice "

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