Procedure How to apply for state-owned housing in France

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Direction de l’Habitat

10 bis, quai Antoine 1er
BP 631

State Sector residential property :
(+377) 98 98 80 08
(+377) 98 98 44 80

Fax : (+377) 98 98 20 06

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

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Direction de l’Habitat

10 bis, quai Antoine 1er
BP 631

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

Phone : (+377) 98 98 80 08

Fax : (+377) 98 98 20 06

Lignes générales téléphoniques :
Aides au Logement : (+377) 98 98 44 79
Secteur Domanial : (+377) 98 98 44 80
Secteur Protégé : (+377) 98 98 44 81

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Principle and conditions

State-owned dwellings situated in the neighbouring towns (Cap d‘Ail and Beausoleil) that belong to the Société Immobilière Domaniale can be allocated to the civil servants and other Government officials or employees of a statutory company.

You can make a request using the application form, duly completed and approved by your Head of Department, who will submit the form through the official channels.


Obtaining and completing the form

To get this form you can either:


Collating the documents

You must enclose a full copy of your latest tax statement with all requests.

You may be asked for additional supporting documents when your application is examined.


Submitting the application

You should send your application to your Head of Department of the authority or regulatory authority, who will send this to the Housing Department through the official channels.

You will receive confirmation of receipt in all cases.


Receiving a reply from the Housing Department

If the response from the regulatory authority is favourable, and providing that accommodation corresponding to your request is available (normal needs, amount of rent), you will be sent a letter showing the location and inviting you to contact the Housing Department to arrange to visit the premises.

If the response of the regulatory authority is negative, you will be informed as soon as possible.


Visiting the allocated apartment

During the visit, which is carried out with representatives of the Housing Department and State Property Authority, you will be given a standard letter (in triplicate) so that you can indicate, within one week, your acceptance or refusal of the allocated apartment.


Stating your reply

If you accept:

  • Keep a copy of the standard letter for future administrative procedures (various contracts, etc.)
  • Send the second copy to the Housing Department
  • Return the third copy to the State Property Authority, who will contact you regarding routine formalities (inventory and signing the lease) 


If you refuse:

The letter to the Housing Department must be returned within one week. After this period the accommodation is considered vacant and is offered to a new tenant.

Last update: 05/02/2013

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