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The Public Services of the Princely Government of Monaco webpages aim to supply the necessary information for users of public services to be able to complete their administrative procedures.

Within the site you will find:

  • How to” pages that provide clear and precise instructions on how to carry out an administrative procedure from beginning to end. On these pages you will find all the necessary information and documents (stages of the procedure, contact information for the relevant department, downloadable forms, etc.). Interactive navigation through these instructional pages gives you direct access to the information relevant to your particular case. Certain procedures can be completed online through online services accessible via the website
  • Factsheets” that provide useful information such as a general overview of a certain subject or contact information for procedures managed by public entities other than the government (e.g. the Monaco City Hall) 
  • Events in your life” pages, where you can find a variety of information, particularly in the form of links to relevant factsheets and other pages, related to a particular life event (birth of a child, moving house, etc.)
  • Public Information pages (public notices, public service calendar, etc.) for an administrative practical use
  • “Info plus” pages that supply useful information of an educational or practical nature such as information on the prevention of accidents


There are four different ways to access the procedures and information according to your specific needs:

  • The menu, organised by "themes", which appears on every page. In order to provide easy and direct access to the information you are looking for, each theme is divided into directly accessible subtopics
  • Events in your life” pages give a variety of information, particularly links to factsheets and “how to” pages


  • Access by profile allows you to find all procedures and information relevant to a specific personal profile
  • The “Online services” section gives you access to all online services offered by the government


The link “see all online services” allows you to see all procedures that have an online service, providing a link to the corresponding pages as well as a direct link to the online service itself. You can also access an online service: by directly entering the URL in your browser, if you know it, or via the corresponding “how to” page. If there is an online service for a particular procedure a link is given on the “how to” page, as shown below:

  • The search engine, accessible from every page, includes search filters through which you can refine your results as required



The search engine proposes search results from the “Public Services” pages.

The home page allows you to keep up to date with all current public information. Make sure you don’t miss the real time traffic info given on this page, which allows you to learn, at any moment, the traffic conditions in Monaco and to obtain information on roadworks. You will also find useful information in the “Info Plus” section of this page.

Other useful functions are also available at the bottom of every page:

  • A search tool to find the contact details of a particular public service
  • Access to a secure page through which you can contact the government
  • Help (guided tour and factsheets for each public service)
  • Information on the latest updates made to the Public Services site
  • Content-sharing via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, email to a friend)
  • A link to subscribe to the government’s RSS feeds (to receive in real time the headings of the latest information published on the site)
  • A link to subscribe to the government’s newsletters according to your interests


For any questions or comments on the use of these pages please contact the Department of e-Government and Public Information by clicking on the link below: 

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