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Welcome Office

9, Rue du Gabian (1er étage)

Welcome Office :
(+377) 98 98 94 94

Opening Hours : from 9.00am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

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Welcome Office

9, Rue du Gabian (1er étage)

Opening Hours : from 9.00am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

Phone : (+377) 98 98 98 98

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Discovering Monaco

What is living in Monaco like? How to register children for school? How does healthcare work? What are the steps to set up a business?

To answer those questions, the Welcome Office invites future and new residents to attend an information meeting on Thursday, October 27th at 6:30 pm at the Club des Résidents Etrangers de Monaco (CREM)

The purpose of the event is to inform you on all aspects of life in Monaco, from healthcare to transportation, education and even business related questions.

Guests attend a 45-minute presentation in English and refreshments will be served afterwards within the Club.

Whereas general enquiries are answered during the presentation, personal questions are preferably addressed at the end of the event on a one-to-one basis to the Welcome Office staff (French / English / Italian / Spanish).

Registration is mandatory:

  • by phone : (+377) 98 98 94 94
  • by email  

If you wish to come along with a relative, please inform us in advance.
The event is exclusively reserved for those who would like to become residents or who are currently relocating to Monaco. 

You can also visit the webpage dedicated to these events .



Becoming a resident

Fulfilling the requirements

Anyone who is more than 16 years of age and wishes to reside in Monaco for more than three months in a year, must apply for a residence permit issued by the Monégasque authorities, according to the Convention Franco-Monégasque de Voisinage of 18 May 1963 and the Ordinance no. 3.153 of 19 March 1964 pertaining to conditions for entry and residence of foreign nationals in the Principality .

European Economic Area  (EEA) nationals:
An identity card or valid passport is sufficient. No visa is required.

Non-EEA citizens:
Before making any application to the Principality, you must apply for a long-term visa for Monaco, issued by the French authorities. Please note that minors also require a visa.

Contact the French Consulate  in your country of residence. The procedures to follow are different depending on your nationality and the country you live in.

In all cases, you must:

- Prove that you have accommodation in Monaco that is of sufficient size for the household

Consult the: List of agencies that are members of the Chambre Immobilière Monégasque

- Guarantee that you have sufficient financial resources:

  • Have an employment contract, or
  • Be supported by a third party, or
  • Have sufficient savings

- Prove that you are of good character (criminal records information or equivalent)

Get more information

Contact the Welcome Office , the one-stop shop for everyone wishing to relocate to Monaco.

Contact the Police Department – Administrative Police Division – Residents Section – responsible for Residence Permit applications – 3, rue Louis Notari
Phone: (+377) 93 15 30 17

Obtaining a residence permit

Applications for residence permits are dealt with by the Residents Section  of the Police Department. The application process varies depending on the plans and the background of the applicant.

Click here for details of how to apply for a residence permit.

Please note that residence permits are not issued to minors under the age of 16. However, a Foreign Young Person’s Travel Document  can be issued to enable them to travel abroad.


Opening a bank account in Monaco

In the Principality, all banks and financial companies, fund or portfolio management companies are members of the Association Monégasque des Activités Financières  (AMAF). The AMAF has a full list of local banks and financial management companies and also promotes the financial centre on a website called Monaco For Finance .


Getting insurance in Monaco

Insurance in Monaco relies mainly on the same legal regulations that are applied in France. For private individuals, some insurance contracts are mandatory, such as for a motor vehicle for instance.

The Chambre Monégasque de l'Assurance  (Monegasque Chamber of Insurance) gathers all intermediaries, brokers and agents authorised in the Principality.


Getting electricity, gas and water connected

Take the following documents to the Société Monégasque de l'Electricité et du Gaz (SMEG) and the Société Monégasque des Eaux (SMEaux):

  • ID
  • Bank account details (RIB)
  • Proof of address (e.g. copy of tenancy agreement, property deed)

Contact SMEG : 10, avenue de Fontvieille - Monaco - Phone: (+377) 92 05 05 00 from Monday to Friday, from 08h to 17h30 - Fax: (+377) 92 05 05 92 - Email:  

Contact SMEaux:  29, Avenue Princesse Grace - free car park - Phone: (+377) 93 30 83 67 (or 94 48 or 94 49) from Monday to Friday from 08h to 16h without interruption - Fax: (+377) 93 50 35 82  Email: . The water will be connected within 24 hours of the signature of the contract.


Subscribing to Monaco Telecom

Take the following documents to one of Monaco Telecom’s numerous shops:

  • Bank account details (RIB)
  • ID
  • Proof of address (copy of tenancy agreement, property deed, etc.)
  • All information relating to the full address (number of road, name of road, block, floor and note the characters which appear on the sign, that is, the square which is generally located above your entrance door, and on which 5 figures or letters appear)

Contact Monaco Telecom


Exchanging your driving licence and getting around

Exchanging a foreign driving licence

You have a maximum of one year following your arrival in Monaco to exchange your foreign driving licence  for a Monaco permit.

Please note that it is mandatory to exchange your licence. If this is not done within the one year limit, you will need to sit a driving test.

Registering a vehicle

Anyone who holds a Residence Permit may register their vehicle in Monaco . Apply to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office, taking a copy of your completed forms, your Residence Permit and your Monaco driving licence.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office  - 23, Avenue Albert II - Monaco - Phone: (+377) 98 98 80 14 - Fax: (+377) 98 98 40 36

Applying for a parking pass

Monaco Parkings  has over 40 car parks and many parking solutions on offer in town. See the various season passes

Getting around on foot

Plan your journey around town on foot with the Monaco Malin map (the map is available from the Tourist Office, Monaco train station, Monaco Bus Company, City Hall, Public Car Parks, and the Department of Forward Studies, Urban Planning and Mobility). Click here to download the map.  

By bus

A large public transport network operates throughout Monaco and there are a number of season ticket options available to help improve traffic. See the Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco

By taxi

A  taxi service  operates in the city 24 hours a day, every day.

Getting to and from the airport

Shuttle buses run a direct route via the motorway between Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur and Monaco – See the website  

Check traffic in real time via Info trafic .


Arranging schooling, childcare and other activities

In Monaco, education is mandatory  between the ages of 6 and 16. However, from the age of 3, subject to available places, children can begin nursery school. Schools in Monaco  are equivalent to ‘French schools abroad’. The Monégasque education system has its own specific features, such as the intensive teaching of English from nursery age to the final year of education, an international branch, and a European section open to upper secondary level pupils. Some schools have a ‘French as a foreign language’ section which helps non-French speaking pupils to integrate. There are 9 state schools  in Monaco. Provision is supplemented by private schools  or schools attached to particular organisations.

Organising childcare for children under 3 :

Organising schooling :

Organising extra-curricular activities :


Finding out about health care

Health care provision

Medical provision includes a number of health care facilities  whose excellence is recognized throughout the Riviera :

Health care provision within the town is also well catered for and includes the full range of health professions .

There is also a carers service  allowing the elderly or those who are temporarily or permanently disabled to remain in their homes.

Consult the leaflet: Health: a priority for Monaco

Social Welfare

A comprehensive system is in place in the Principality for salaried workers and the self-employed. To find out more, see Sickness Insurance


Hiring domestic staff

A private individual who wishes to employ one or more employees for household or domestic work must first become affiliated to the Monaco Social Security Funds   as an "employer of domestic staff."  

The Monaco Social Funds will affiliate private employers on presentation of a Monegasque residence permit or ID card.

The Employment Office  can help employers by suggesting candidates who have the profile and skills sought.  It is however possible to submit a candidate  to the Employment Office without having previously submitted a job offer. In all cases, it is recommended to consult the Employment Office for queries regarding visas. 


Meet the international community

The diplomatic network

Monaco asserts its presence and influence on the international stage through its diplomatic and consular network.

For the full list of embassies and consulates, see the Monaco Worldwide page  . 

The network of associations

The Principality's international network of associations, which is comprised of several dozen associations, enables all foreign nationals to find fellow citizens, thanks in particular to the presence of foreign communities - see  Download file Foreign communities in the Principality of Monaco Foreign communities in the Principality of Monaco

Association of Honorary Consuls of Monaco (ACHM)

In 2003, the Association of Honorary Consuls of Monaco (ACHM) was established to bring together members of the consular corps. The association also provides a structure for welcoming foreign nationals, making available the tools they need to integrate into Monegasque society and their community of origin.

Information meetings for future and new residents

The Prince's Government is supporting an initiative by the "Club des Résidents Étrangers de Monaco " (Foreign Residents' Club)  – CREM – which is organising information meetings on life in the Principality of Monaco. These events have been designed with the aim of making it easier for people to move to Monaco and carry out their projects within deadlines that are compatible with today's requirements.

The Welcome Office, which is responsible for welcoming future and new residents, investors and businesspeople to the Principality, is a key player in these events.

The meetings are held at the Club des Résidents Etrangers de Monaco -CREM- (Foreign Residents' Club). They are open to all, but booking in advance is required, preferably a week before the date of the meeting you wish to attend.

Several information meetings, in French, English and Italian, are planned ; to get the dates and register, please contact the Welcome Office on (+377) 98 98 98 98 or on .

Last update: 27/06/2022

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