Procedure Expecting a baby

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As soon as the pregnancy is confirmed

Arrange the first prenatal examination

During this first examination, the doctor completes a declaration of pregnancy which will be sent to welfare bodies.

Declare my pregnancy to welfare bodies

Apply for a pre-natal allowance


During the pregnancy

Declare my pregnancy to my employer

I may inform my employer of my pregnancy when I want.

This allows stipulations concerning the protection of pregnant women to protect me.

Find out about leave

Make childcare arrangements

Acknowledge the child before birth

The father can acknowledge the chid at the Town Hall during the pregnancy.

The acknowledgment can also be done when the birth is declared or at any time after birth.


During the four days which follow the birth of the child

Declare the birth of my child 

  • Choose the first name and surname of my child

Children of Monegasque nationality

The Mairie de Monaco gives a standard letter when you declare the birth in order to apply for childbirth allowance .


After the birth

Inform the authorities of the birth and the change in circumstances

Declare the birth to welfare bodies

Parents who are not of Monegasque nationality
Declare the birth at the Embassy of my country of provenance

Parents who reside in the Principality
Declare the change in family circumstances to the Police Department

Apply for allowances

Mother or father who stays at home


Single mothers

Children who go to crèche or nursery

Last update: 24/08/2017

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