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Direction de la Sûreté Publique

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Principle and conditions

Staff who are said to be “active” include uniformed and plainclothes officers.

Police officers are recruited using competitions which take place following the publication of a recruitment notice in the "Journal Officiel de Monaco". The competitions are organised during the second quarter of each year by the Administration and Training Division.

Candidates must undertake sports’, written and spoken tests . Candidates who pass the conversation test with the panel of judges and who have obtained the minimum amount of points required receive a visit from the Medical Recruitment Commission. Candidates are then graded in order of merit.

The recruitment of administrative staff  is managed, after a notice has been issued by the Police Department, by the Human Resources and Training Department. This takes place as soon as a position becomes available in the organisational structure and once a recruitment notice has been published by the Journal Officiel de Monaco.

To be eligible to apply, the applicant must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The applicant must be at least 21 years old on 1 January of the year of the competition and at the most 30 years old on 31 December of the year of the competition
  • The applicant must be within the following height and weight criteria:
    • Minimum barefoot height: 1.65m for all candidates, 1.8m for cadet level; 1.75m for lieutenant level
    • Body mass index: between 18 and 25 (index defined in accordance with the ratio between weight in kilogrammes/height in square metres), except for high level sports players
    • Normal muscle mass ratio to weight
  • The applicant must have the following visual acuity features:
    • Visual acuity, without the use of corrective lenses, which is equal to at least 15/10ths for both eyes 
    • The minimum acuity for each eye, without the use of corrective lenses, must not be lower than 7/10ths
    • The applicant must be free from any colour vision problems, as well as any ocular abnormalities which may impede the operational assignments associated with the occupations in question
  • The applicant must have the following auditory qualities:
    • An audiometric curve which does not exceed the speech reception threshold of 10dB for frequencies between 0 and 2000 hertz, 20dB for 2000 to 6000 hertz and 30dB for 6000 to 8000 hertz
    • Speech test scores, without background noise, which are over 88% for each ear
    • Speech test scores must be undertaken when the person is using two ears to listen to whispers which are audible from 6 metres away, without the help of a hearing aid
  • The candidate must be up to date with tetanus, diphtheria, polio (TDP) and HBV vaccinations
  • The candidate must not be suffering from any illness which may impede the operational assignments associated with the occupations in question
  • The candidate must be medically fit for active service at all times of day and night. This may involve exposure to inclement weather and long periods where the candidate will be required to stand
  • The candidate must present proof of a level of study equivalent to: 
    • For lieutenant level police: bachelor level (L3)
    • For cadet level police: a leaver’s certificate from upper secondary education
  • The candidate must hold a category "B" driving license (light vehicles) 
  • The candidate must be free from any military commitment or obligation at the time they are recruited


Candidates who have failed the cadet level police competition or the lieutenant-inspector level police competition three time may not register for this competition. In accordance with the legislation in force, prior right of employment will be reserved for candidates of Monegasque nationality.


Obtaining and completing the form

To get this form you can either:


Collating the application file

Your pack must include:

  • A duly completed copy of the form entitled "police officer employment application"
  • A handwritten application letter, detailing your reasons for applying
  • A written commitment to ensure continuous service at all times of day and night (weekends and bank holidays included) and to reside, on acceptance of the job offer, in Monaco or in a municipality located less than 30km from Monaco
  • An extract of the candidate’s birth certificate and, for candidates who are married or who have family dependents, a photocopy of the family record booklet
  • A photocopy of any degrees and/or certificates proving the candidate’s level of study
  • A photocopy of the front and back of the candidate’s category “B” driving license for automotive vehicles
  • A recent full length colour photograph (size 10x15)
  • Four recent passport photographs (3.5x4.5) which should be identical and where the candidate should be bareheaded. The photograph should either be in black and white or should be a colour photograph taken on a white background
  • A photocopy of the candidate’s valid national ID card
  • An extract of the candidate’s criminal records  (report no.3) which should be less than three months old
  • The candidate’s Monegasque or French certificate of nationality  
  • A certificate  Download file Certificat d’aptitude médicale pour le recrutement d’un élève agent de police à la Sûreté Publique de Monaco (322-0002_02-2017) Certificat d’aptitude médicale pour le recrutement d’un élève agent de police à la Sûreté Publique de Monaco (322-0002_02-2017) completed by a general practitioner proving that the candidate has no clinically apparent sign of disease, as specified in points 5 and 6 of the recruitment notices and, in addition, that the candidate is medically fit to participate in the sports’ tests involved in this competition. This medical certificate must, on the day of the first test in this competition, be less than three months old. Any pack containing a medical certificate which is incomplete, has been altered or which does not respect formal requirements will be declared irrevocably inadmissible
  • For French candidates: a photocopy of the document which proves attendance of the National Defence Preparation Day, issued by the relevant military authority

Candidates may not participate in the sports’ tests if they have not provided these documents.


Sending off the documents

You must send off all the documents to the Police department.

You will be convened for a verification of the administrative and physical criteria, before the entrance tests take place. When you attend this verification, it is imperative that you bring the originals of the photocopies of the documents require


Passing the competition

Candidates who have sent off all their application documents and who satisfy the administrative and physical criteria will be convened to a meeting by the Human Resources and Training Department

There is a special competition for:

  • Lieutenant level police
  • Cadet level police
  • Social worker level police

See details concerning the competition tests for the recruitment of police officers.


NB : For registration procedures, please contact the Police Academy of the Police Department - - 93 15 30 27.


Undergoing the medical check-up

You may be asked to undergo various medical examinations, especially for alcohol screening and examinations for the use of illegal substances.
A positive result to these screening tests will lead to a biological control that you must take at the Princess Grace Hospital.
Any refusal to participate in any of these examinations will lead to removal from the competition.
Likewise, any confirmation, during the biological control, of the positive result which was initially reached will also lead to removal from the competition.


Recovering the competition results

When the entrance tests are over, the panel of judges grade the candidates in order of merit. Candidates who have achieved the highest number of points, with a minimum requirement of a number which is equal to the average number of points, pass the competition, as dictated by the number of positions which are available and on condition that the physical fitness certificate has been provided.


Joining the Service

Candidates who were admitted take part in an initial traineeship lasting two years. This apprenticeship is recognised at the end of the first year with an internal competition aiming to call the candidates to their positions as trainees.

At the end of the second year of training, they are given permanent occupations, after having passed a final examination.
Candidates who failed a competition may take it a second time.

Last update: 23/02/2017

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