Other dependent children living in the household (aged over 16)

  • Proof of employed status: a copy of a payslip from the month of December of the year preceding the application, stating the annual net total
  • Students currently studying: a certificate of attendance at an educational establishment or a copy of a student's card for the previous academic year and the current year
  • In cases where children have undertaken one or several paid activities between January and December of the year preceding the application: proof of all net income received in the year 
  • In the case of a change in the composition of the household (renewal of application only): Proof of departure from the household of the brother or sister of the applicant (a certificate of departure from the Principality issued by the Police Department if domiciled in the Principality, copy of the lease, receipt for accommodation, etc.)
  • No paid activity in the year preceding the application:
    • Overall proof of net unemployment benefits received in the year, or
    • A sworn statement that no remuneration was received in the year 

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