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Reopening of gaming venues

With a view to the gradual easing of the lockdown and in accordance with the Ministerial Decision of 20 May 2020 the Government has decided that gaming rooms and slot machines can be reopened (those falling under category P as mentioned in Article GEN 4 of Annex No. 1- Book One general provisions common to all constructions, as amended, of Ministerial Decree No. 2018-1079, of 21 November 2018, amended, as referred to above) subject to compliance with the general measures and specific measures relating to their activities.


Specific measures 

  • Organise a deep clean of premises before reopening, to include carpet cleaning, to ensure that all subsequent disinfection operations are effective
  • Limit the number of guests permitted within the venue to one person per 4m2, including staff
  • Require disinfection of hands on every arrival at/departure from gaming tables and slot machines
  • Provide protective visors for croupiers (especially those running card games and craps tables), in addition to mandatory wearing of masks for all games in which they are in close proximity to guests
  • Rearrange the layout of slot machines to ensure a distance of 1.5 m between them, or install separators of a sufficient height between machines
  • Install separation screens of a sufficient height to prevent droplets of saliva spreading between players around a single gaming table
  • Schedule cleaning once per day and disinfection several times per day of gaming equipment: racks, dice, card shoes, card shufflers, balls, blocks, rakes, crosses, chip dispensers, touch tables, palettes, chip trays, chips, etc.

Summary guide 

Below, you will find the prevention guide for gaming venues, setting out the mandatory instructions to be followed as well as the basic rules that should be applied.

The Department of Health Affairs, the Department of Employment, the Business Development Agency and the Police Department are each responsible, in their own field, for the execution of this document with regard to compliance with this decision.

See the summary guide: Download file Etablissement de jeux Etablissement de jeux    


Last update: 08/06/2020

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