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Principle and conditions

In order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, travel outside the home by any person is prohibited from midnight on 18 March until 31 March 2020 inclusive, with the exception of travel for the following reasons, when general preventive and hygiene measures that are intended to limit the spread of the virus must be complied with and all gatherings of people must be avoided:

  • Travel between the home and workplace(s) when essential for undertaking activities that cannot be carried out via teleworking or consists of business travel that cannot be postponed
  • Travel to purchase supplies required for work and essential supplies from local shops and businesses that are authorised to remain open to the public (except from 10pm to 5am)
  • Travel for health reasons
  • Travel for critical family reasons, to assist vulnerable people or look after children
  • Brief outings close to home for individual physical exercise (all group sporting activities are prohibited) and to walk pets (except from 10pm to 5am)


Providing proof of travel for business purposes

Employers must, initially, assess the possibility of generalising the use of home working in their business.

If home working is not compatible with the activity of the business or if a business trip cannot be postponed, the employer must provide each employee concerned with proof of the necessity of the trip.

This proof may be provided:


Employees must carry this proof with them when they travel.

Self-employed workers coming from France, for whom this proof cannot be established, must, however, carry a special travel exemption declaration, putting a cross in the box by the first reason for travel.

Download file Attestation de déplacement dérogatoire Attestation de déplacement dérogatoire

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