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11 January 2023 [SP] Public notice

Technical inspections: no more deregistration in case of delay

From 4 January 2023, the regulations relating to technical inspections are changing for vehicles which have not met the requirements of the regular check at the Vehicle Testing Centre on time.

The technical inspections are mandatory and so failure to present a vehicle by the due date previously led to the vehicle being removed from the registration register, meaning that it could no longer be driven on public roads and that the registration certificate and number plates had to be returned.

Users will continue to receive reminders from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office four months and one month before the technical inspection is due, informing them of the need to take their vehicle for its regular technical inspection. If the vehicle is not presented by the due date, it will no longer be deregistered, but it will be prohibited from driving on public roads. The owner must restore the vehicle’s status by arranging an appointment for a technical inspection and paying the relevant fees, as well as an administration fee. The owner will then be permitted to drive the vehicle on the public roads solely for the purpose of travelling from their home or the repair site to the Vehicle Testing Centre on the date of the technical inspection, as given on the relevant notification.

For greater ease, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office has also introduced an online service  for booking technical inspection appointments, and advises users not to wait until their current inspection runs out before booking the next one.

You can find additional information about how to regularise a vehicle whose technical inspection date has been missed by clicking here

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