29 April 2015 News flash

Reform of driving licence

The Government has launched a reform of driving licences which will enter into force on 15 June, through the publication on 1 May of a Sovereign Ordinance and the related Ministerial Decrees to implement it. 

The introduction of the new licence does not require all drivers to change their licences.

However, those who drive a two-wheel vehicle on their car (B) licence, drivers of motor tricycles and holders of valid B+E licences (trailers of less than 750 kg) may wish to change their licence to take advantage of the modifications made to the categories concerned.

For more information about the reform:

To apply for a new licence:


Ordinance no. 5.274 of 1 April 2015 modifying the ordinance no. 1.691 of 17 December 1957 regulating road traffic rules (Highway Code), modified

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