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18 March 2020 Press release

Press release - Pharmacies


The Prince's Government points out that all pharmacies in the Principality of Monaco can undertake home delivery of medicines and other health products, preferably by district and subject to availability, to people who are in isolation in their homes.

The persons concerned are invited to contact their local pharmacy.


Pharmacie de l'Annonciade 24, boulevard d'Italie
Pharmacie WEHREL 2, boulevard d'Italie  
Pharmacie Bughin 26, boulevard Princesse Charlotte
Pharmacie Carnot 37, boulevard du Jardin Exotique (
Pharmacie Centrale 1, place d'Armes
Pharmacie de l'Estoril 31, avenue Princesse Grace
Pharmacie de Fontvieille 25, avenue Albert II
Pharmacie Internationale 22, rue Grimaldi
Pharmacie du Jardin Exotique 31, avenue Hector Otto
Pharmacie J.P.F. 1, rue Grimaldi
Pharmacie Médecin 19, boulevard Albert 1er
Pharmacie de Monte-Carlo 4, boulevard des Moulins
Pharmacie des Moulins 27, boulevard des Moulins
Pharmacie Plati 5, rue Plati
Pharmacie du Rocher 15, rue Comte Félix Gastaldi
Pharmacie San-Carlo 22, boulevard des Moulins

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