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04 October 2018 [SP] Public notice

Pink October: Breast cancer awareness month

It’s time for the launch of Pink October, a month for talking openly about breast cancer, the most common cancer to affect women, with the highest mortality rate. To bring this rate down, earlier detection is essential.

The Prince’s Government’s Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is supporting this breast cancer prevention campaign and emphasising the importance of early diagnosis.

Risk factors

Various risk factors can have an impact on the likelihood of developing breast cancer: age, being overweight, drinking alcohol and smoking, personal and family history of the disease, and genetic factors.


Breast cancer is diagnosed through a clinical examination and scans (mammogram, ultrasound, etc.). The frequency of clinical examinations and scans to check for breast cancer depends on the level of risk.

The importance of early diagnosis

The earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher the chance of it being cured. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the less aggressive the treatment will be.

Women with no risk factors other than their age

It is recommended that women visit their doctor or gynaecologist for regular check-ups, which should take place annually from the age of 25.

From the age of 50, mammograms are advised every two years. This x-ray can identify small tumours that cannot always be detected by a physical examination alone.

Didier Gamerdinger notes that "all women aged 50 to 80, resident in the Principality and insured through the Monaco Social Security Funds or the  State Medical Benefits Office, can visit Princess Grace Hospital for a free mammogram and ultrasound".

Reminder: Event at Princess Grace Hospital from 11 am to 2 pm on Wednesday 10 October in the lobby of the Maternity Unit. This year, Princess Grace Hospital is getting involved in Pink October, the worldwide breast cancer awareness month.

Check out the information and prevention stands, complete with realistic bust for teaching detection and self-examination techniques.  

Contact: Breast Screening Centre at Princess Grace Hospital on: (+377) 97 98 96 44.

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