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01 October 2020 [SP] Public notice

On duty doctors and chemists in Monaco

The number to call to find the name of the pharmacy and doctor on duty on weekday evenings, weekends and public holidays has changed in the Principality. 

You should now call 116 117 (calls are free).

For information, subject to change and to be checked on 116 117:

On duty doctors 3rd quarter 2022

Please note that the timetable changes:
Weekdays: from 7pm to 10pm
Weekends: Saturday from 7 am to 22pm and Sunday from 7am to 22pm
Public holidays: From 7am to 22pm

Contact a g eneral practitioner in Monaco

On duty chemists 3rd quarter 2022

Please note: During nighttime, in case of emergency, you should go before to the nearest police station.

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