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23 February 2021 [SP] Public notice

Cyberattacks: prevention and recommendations

Like all countries, the Principality is a potential target for cyberattacks, due to its image and the positions it takes on the international stage, as well as its financial industry and economy.

Monaco’s residents and businesses are also exposed, and need to be aware of the risks posed by the use of certain digital tools.

The Monaco Cyber Security Agency  (AMSN), established by Sovereign Ordinance on 23 December 2015, is the national authority responsible for the security of information systems. It is an information security and cyberattack expertise, response and processing centre supporting the government and critical infrastructure operators.

In addition, the Police Department set up a cybercrime unit in 2019, through which two inspectors with specialist skills in this area provide assistance to individuals and companies who have fallen victim to cyberattacks.

Full details of the best practices to adopt and recommendations in the event of a proven cyberattack, what to do and who to contact, are available in the following two information sheets:

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