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16 January 2017 Press release

Authorisation for a minor to leave the country

In view of the reinstatement in France from 15 January 2017 of the authorisation to leave the country for minors who are not accompanied by a holder of parental authority and in order to allow minors resident in the Principality to be able to travel without difficulty, it seemed essential to introduce a similar procedure in the Principality.

Therefore, all minors who are resident in Monaco who have to leave the Principality to travel abroad must be holders of this authorisation.

The authorisation to leave the country for travel abroad consists of a form, which is available as a procedure "Obtaining permission for an unaccompanied minor to leave the country to travel abroad

To cross the borders, your child must be equipped with the original of this printed document, duly completed and signed by the holder of parental authority. Your child must also bear:

  • A photocopy of the ID document of the signatory of the form
  • Their passport, in the case of Monegasque nationals or residents nationals of countries outside the European Economic Area
  • Their passport or national ID card, in the case of residents nationals of the European Economic Area

Your child must be able to present these documents to the border control authorities on request. 

This document is the only one that is valid for minors resident in the Principality. 

Of course, as the aforesaid authorisation is issued exclusively in connection with travel abroad, it will not be required, for example, for simple everyday travel.

Please note: This authorisation is different from the parental release form that some airlines require, stating that the child is authorised to travel on the plane.

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