Administrative sale of vehicles

[SPP] Illustration Ventes de véhicules
29 October 2018 Public notice

The State Property Authority is selling of vehicles seized on the public highway or retired vehicles, from Monday 29 October 2018.A list of which is available: In the State Property Authority office, located on the fourth floor of 24, rue du Gabian, from 9.30am to 5pm Or downloadable below (French only) The d[...]

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Renew your 2019 car stickers on the Internet

Estampille 2018 SP
01 October 2018 Public notice

To pay for the 2019 stamp, make your life easier by clicking on the following link :Renew your annual car sticker. The deadline is 31st December 2018.A late-payment penalty will be charged per vehicle as of 1 January 2019.Once the payment has been accepted, the 2019 car sticker(s) will be sent to your home address.

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On duty doctors and chemists in Monaco

communique_sp - Public Notice
01 October 2018 Public notice

The number to call to find the name of the pharmacy and doctor on duty on weekday evenings, weekends and public holidays has changed in the Principality.You should now call 116 117 (calls are free).For information, subject to change and to be checked on 116 117.On duty doctors OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER[...]

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Living in Monaco – information meeting

21 September 2018 Public notice

What is living in Monaco like? How to register children for school? How does healthcare work? What are the steps to set up a business?To answer those questions, the Welcome Office invites future and new residents to attend an information meeting at the Club des Résidents Etrangers de Monaco (CREM).The next event w[...]

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Download the "Monaco Welcome" app

Appli Monaco Welcome
28 May 2018 Public notice

Download the "Monaco Welcome" app for free and discover in just a few clicks the different aspects of life in Monaco, from healthcare to transportation, education and even business related questionsAvailable in French, English and Italian, on smartphones and tablets (iOS / Android).

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Cyclomoteurs : nouveau format de plaques d’immatriculation

Nouvelle plaque cyclo
16 March 2018 News flash

Le Service des Titres de Circulation procède à l’harmonisation du format des plaques d’immatriculation des deux-roues : le format carré des plaques cyclomoteurs et assimilés a ainsi été supprimé.Depuis le 1er mars 2018, pour toute nouvelle immatriculation d’un motocycle, tricycle, cyclomoteur ou quadricycle à mote[...]

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new seafarer licence

Nouveau permis mer - Nouveau permis mer © DAM
23 January 2018 Press release

Seafarer licences which have, since their introduction in Monaco, been printed on card stock, are now being issued in the form of a plastic card, much like a bank card. This format is more practical, more secure and more resistant to both water and ageing.New holders of coastal and deep-sea licences will now benef[...]

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SMIC 2018

SMIC 2018 Illustration
22 January 2018 Public notice

12/01/2018- (JO 8.364)-Announcement n° 2018-1 of 2 January 2018 on the Statutory Minimum Wage (Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance, SMIC) which came into force on 1st January 2018 12/01/2018- (JO 8.364) -Announcement n° 2018-2 of 2 January 2018 on the Statutory Minimum Wage (Salaire Minimum Interprof[...]

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List of paid non-working days for the year 2018

communique_sp - Public Notice
24 October 2017 Public notice

New Year's Day- Monday 1 January 2018 Saint Dévote's Day- Saturday 27 January 2018 Easter Monday- Monday 2 April 2018 Day of the Labour- Tuesday 1 May 2018 Ascension's Day- Thursday 10 May 2018 Whit Monday- Monday 21 May 2018 Corpus Christi’s Day- Thursday 31 May 2018 Assumption's Day- Wenesday 15 August 20[...]

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From Now On, Drugs Based on Codeine, Dextromethorphan, Ethylmorphine and Noscapine Will Only be Available by Prescription in the Principality

Pharmacie médicament santé - © Manuel Vitali - Direction de la Communication
04 August 2017 Press release

In view of the measures adopted in France with regard to the supply of codeine-based drugs, in response to the addictive practices observed among adolescents and young adults, the Prince's Government, within the framework of the policy on juvenile addiction prevention, has adopted regulatory measures identical to[...]

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Calendar of school holidays 2018-2019

communique_sp - Public Notice
23 July 2017 Public notice

The calendar of school holidays for 2018/2019 is online.You can find it on the school holidays page of the Public Services website.

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Interdiction de pêcher sur la digue de Fontvieille

11 May 2017 Press release

Une mesure d'interdiction de pêcher va être appliquée, au droit de la digue de Fontvieille, jusqu’à avril 2018. Cette période d'un an permettra de procéder à une réforme de la réglementation de la pêche de loisir.La pêche de loisir, peu réglementée, a en effet causé une pollution importante dans cette zone(le mail[...]

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Authorisation for a minor to leave the country

Voir la photo - © DR
16 January 2017 Press release

In view of the reinstatement in France from 15 January 2017 of the authorisation to leave the country for minors who are not accompanied by a holder of parental authority and in order to allow minors resident in the Principality to be able to travel without difficulty, it seemed essential to introduce a similar pr[...]

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Registration fees for property transactions – professional representatives

communique_sp - Public Notice
01 November 2016 Public notice

Legal entities who hold real rights to one or more properties located within the Principality, and which are defined by article 2 of the Act n. 1.381 of 19/06/2011on registration fees payable on transfers of property and property duties ,now have an obligation to make an annual declaration to the Department of Tax[...]

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Registration fees payable on transfers of property assets and rights

communique_sp - Public Notice
01 November 2016 Public notice

The Department of Tax Services would like to draw attention to the briefing note concerning the introduction of Act n. 1.381 of 19/06/2011on registration fees payable on transfers of property and property duties published in the Journal de Monaco on 1 July 2011, which redefines the rules relating to registration[...]

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page accueil infochantiers
08 August 2016 News flash

Information on construction work and road works in the Principality in real time.

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Monaco Alert Service: Subscribe!

Service d'alerte - Crédit visuel : © Charly Gallo / Centre de Presse
29 November 2015 News flash

To register on the Service "Monaco Alert", click on "Read more"

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