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Département des Relations Extérieures et de la Coopération

Ministère d' État
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Phone : (+377) 98 98 89 04

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Essential travel documents

For travel within the Schengen Area, a residence permit issued by the Principality allows the holder to circulate in accordance with the regulations.  It is therefore not necessary to have a passport. 

For travel outside the Schengen Area, you should check the entry requirements and formalities for your stay with the embassy and consulate of the country you are travelling to.

Most States require a passport with an expiry date of several months after the planned date of your return to Monaco. 

As a precaution, keep a photocopy of the documents you are taking with you at home (in case they are lost or stolen while you are abroad) and take at least two identity photographs with you.

You should make contact with the foreign consular services in good time.  If a visa is necessary, you may need to allow sufficient time to produce certain documents, depending on the country, such as:  forms, photographs, an extract from criminal records, bank account details, return travel tickets, etc.


The United States of America has introduced a new regulation on visa requests.  In conformity with this regulation and since 1st October 2006, the American consular services responsible for issuing visas are only authorised to accept visas on the electronic form DS-156 (Electronic Visa Application Form-EVAF).

This regulation applies to all categories of visa for a temporary stay, including "A" and "G" visas issued to civil servants of foreign Governments on an official mission to the United States.

This form is available on the web site of the Embassy of the United States .


A child travelling with his/her parents must have an identity card or passport if he/she is not mentioned on the identity documents of his/her parents.

In no case may a minor travelling alone use the passport of his/her parents on which his/her name is mentioned.  He/she must carry a document in his/her own name.  (Identity card or passport).

In case of difficulties abroad 

You should contact the embassies or consulates of the country of which the person is a national.



Warning: The information in this "Useful Information" section may be incomplete.  It is indicative only and offers no guarantee.  The aim is to help Monegasque travellers make the right decisions when planning a journey.  Therefore, this advice does not replace the need for prudence.

Responsibility:  You are reminded that prospective travellers are solely responsible for their decision to travel to a foreign country, whatever the safety advice given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for accidents or incidents that may arise during a journey.

Cancellation of a journey:  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation be held responsible if, following its recommendations, an individual or a group suffers financial loss after cancellation of a journey.  You are advised to check the terms of the insurance offered by airlines and travel agencies and inform yourself of current security conditions in your chosen country before paying a deposit.

Last update: 18/01/2017

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