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Information Help for victims of violence

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Contact details

Direction de l'Action et de l'Aide Sociales

23 avenue Albert II
BP 609
98013 MONACO 

Department of Social Welfare and Social Services :
(+377) 98 98 41 00

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

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Direction de l'Action et de l'Aide Sociales

23 avenue Albert II
BP 609
98013 MONACO 

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

Phone : (+377) 98 98 41 00

Send us an email



Emergency numbers

In an emergency, you can contact:

  • Fire Brigade: 18 or 112
  • Police: 17 or (+377) 93 15 30 15
  • Accident & Emergency Department of the Princess Grace Hospital: (+377) 97 98 97 69 


If you require information, you can dial:

116 919
All Mondays from 9 am to 12 pm

This is a free, anonymous helpline for victims of violence on their rights and the actions that are open to them. TAll types of violence are covered: rape and sexual violence, violence perpetrated within the family, sexual harassment, violence in an institutional setting, etc.

In addition, the following people, who work as a network, can help you out of violence.

Department of Social Welfare and Social Services (DASO)

23 avenue Albert II
(+377) 98 98 41 00

The DASO is open on all working days from 9.30 am to 5 pm and can respond to this type of situation by listening to your problems and offering the relevant advice.  These helplines are accessible from the whole of the territory (for the cost of a local call).  Confidentially and anonymity are guaranteed in the general context of social and educational work (professional secrecy).

The DASO is comprised of a team of social workers with a background of various types of training (social assistants, specialised educators, psychologists and advisors on economic, social and family matters), who work as a network with:

  • The hospital services and outpatient services (Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Unit "La Roseraie", the Medical Psychology Centre for children and adolescents)
  • All the social workers from the various entities involved (Justice, Police, City Hall, Social Funds, etc.), and the charity sector


Two multi-function social workers meet with people who are victims of violence or children who have witnessed violence. They can speak to you in English.
Secretariat: (+377) 98 98 82 55 – Direct line: (+377) 98 98 40 64 or (+377) 98 98 40 65

Their work also involves:

  • Helping women to express their experience
  • Inform them of their rights
  • Assess the situation in order to suggest relevant support measures


The DASO can also offer:

  • Financial help
  • Accommodation
  • Specialist support from a dedicated psychologist 
  • Help with finding work

Family Mediation Unit

A meeting is arranged with the family mediator, who is trained to deal with domestic violence, and a specific protocol is proposed. Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed via the application of the ethical principles of family mediation.

The Family Mediator: Christine Lorenzini
6, boulevard de Belgique - Résidence le Saint-Sébastien - Entrée B
(+377) 98 98 21 12 -

Princess Grace Hospital Centre

1, Avenue Pasteur 
Hospital: (+377) 97 98 99 00
Accident & Emergency Department: (+377) 97 98 97 69

The establishment offers staff who are specially trained to help people who are victims of violence.

Other social agencies

  • Police Department - 4 rue Louis Notari
    Minors and Social Protection Union: (+377) 93 15 31 58
  • Department of Justice - Palais de Justice - 5 rue Colonel Bellando de Castro
    (+377) 98 98 88 11
  • Monaco’s Town Hall Social Services - Place de la Mairie
    (+377) 93 15 28 83 -
  • Monegasque Red Cross 
    (+377) 97 97 68 18 -
  • Monaco Social Funds - 1, rue Louis Notari
    (+377) 93 15 43 33 ou (+377) 93 15 43 36 -
    Appointments not necessary on Tuesdays and Thursday
    Reception on the 2nd floor: from 8.30 am to noon and to 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm 

Outpatient facilities

Violence in a relationship has a major impact on the health of women and children, who can be directed to:

  • Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Unit - La Roseraie - 7 bis avenue des Ligures - (+377) 98 98 44 20
  • Medical Psychology Centre (CMP) - 9 bis rue Plati - (+377) 98 98 46 64

Community associations


Last update: 06/12/2016

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