Two stamps for the 5th anniversary of Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

Timbre 2 Fondation Charlene
19 April 2017 Public notice

Monaco’s Stamp Issuing Office will release the following stamps for sale on 10 April 2017:5TH ANNIVERSARY OF PRINCESS CHARLENE OF MONACO FOUNDATION[...]

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Information meetings for future and new residents

Illustration réunions d'informations résidents
14 April 2017 Press release

To make it easier for all new residents of Monaco to move and become integrated, the Welcome Office is organising information meetings for all new and future residents of the Principality.The aim of these meetings is to present the main information on practical life in Monaco – health, education, transport, etc.,[...]

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On duty doctors and chemists in Monaco

Médecins de garde 1T2017
31 March 2017 Public notice

The number to call to find the name of the pharmacy and doctor on duty on weekday evenings, weekends and public holidays has changed in the Principality.You should now call 116 117 (calls are free).For information, subject to change and to be checked on 116 117.On duty doctorsPLEASE NOTE THAT CHANGES HAVE BEEN MAD[...]

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Summer camps 2017

pass'sport 2014
29 March 2017 Public notice

In collaboration with the Princess Stéphanie Youth Centre, the Department of Social Welfare and Social Services (DASO) are offering stays at summer camp for children aged between 8 and 15 in the Principality. The camps will take place during summer 2017 in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence for 8–12 years old, and in Aud[...]

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Long service medals 2017

communique_sp - Public Notice
27 March 2017 Public notice

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of State would like to inform the public that proposals for the award of long service medals to individuals who fulfil the conditions required by the Sovereign Ordinance of 6 December 1924 must be submitted to him between 27 March 2017 and 2 June 2017 at the very latest.No sub[...]

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Changes to access to the cemetery and to the footpath between Boulevard Charles III and upper part of Avenue Pasteur

schéma dévoiement piétons HD - Copyright - Direction de la Communication
16 January 2017 Press release

Work to create a car park for the new Princess Grace Hospital has been ongoing since July 2015, resulting in changes to access to the cemetery and to the footpath.At the edge of the upper part of the cemetery, the laying of foundations for a structure which will eventually support the top end of Avenue Pasteur wil[...]

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Authorisation for a minor to leave the country

Voir la photo - © DR
16 January 2017 Press release

In view of the reinstatement in France from 15 January 2017 of the authorisation to leave the country for minors who are not accompanied by a holder of parental authority and in order to allow minors resident in the Principality to be able to travel without difficulty, it seemed essential to introduce a similar pr[...]

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Ban on single-use plastic bags

Un sac pour la vie
09 January 2017 Press release

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FANB project: connection to utilities

Phase 1 travaux FANB
04 January 2017 Press release

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List of paid non-working days for the year 2017

communique_sp - Public Notice
01 January 2017 Public notice

New Year's Day- Sunday 1 January 2017 Deferred toMonday 2 January 2017 Saint Dévote's Day- Friday 27 January 2017 Easter Monday- Monday 17 April 2017 Day of the Labour- Monday 1 May 2017 Ascension's Day- Thursday 25 May 2017 Whit Monday- Monday 5 June 2017 Corpus Christi’s Day- Thursday 15 June 2017 Assum[...]

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DASO to distribute entertainment passes

Printemps des Arts 2013 - ©Alain Hanel 02 - Nuit du Congo - Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste
06 December 2016 Public notice

From 4 July, management of entertainment passes will be transferred to the Department of Social Welfare and Social Services (DASO), on 23 Avenue Albert II – Third floor.The passes offer a 50% discount on sports and cultural events.For further information, see the procedure:"How to get an entertainment pass "

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Traffic in Real Time:

04 November 2016 Press release

The web site "," launched on line in June 2016, gives an overview of all the major public and private projects in the Principality, as well as all the main road works. This information for the general public gives details of the projects and the duration of the work, and provides informat[...]

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Visa Exemption for Monegasques in Transit in China

Shanghai Skyline
03 November 2016 Press release

Depuis le 1ernovembre 2016, Monaco a intégré la liste des pays pour lesquels la Chine applique une exemption de visa, pour les transits sur le territoire, d’une durée maximale de 72 à 144 heures, selon les aéroports. Cette politique a été mise en place par la Chine en 2013.

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Registration fees for property transactions – professional representatives

communique_sp - Public Notice
01 November 2016 Public notice

Legal entities who hold real rights to one or more properties located within the Principality, and which are defined by article 2 of the Act n. 1.381 of 19/06/2011on registration fees payable on transfers of property and property duties ,now have an obligation to make an annual declaration to the Department of Tax[...]

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Registration fees payable on transfers of property assets and rights

communique_sp - Public Notice
01 November 2016 Public notice

The Department of Tax Services would like to draw attention to the briefing note concerning the introduction of Act n. 1.381 of 19/06/2011on registration fees payable on transfers of property and property duties published in the Journal de Monaco on 1 July 2011, which redefines the rules relating to registration[...]

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Electronic Treatment Forms

Feuille de soin electronique - ©Manuel Vitali Direction de la Communication 
10 August 2016 Press release

Since 8 August, Civil servants, government officials and their dependants who are affiliated with the State Medical Benefits Office, have been able to make use of Electronic Treatment Forms (Feuille de Soins Electronique - FSE). This is in line with the Government's wish to develop e-administration.The Ministry of[...]

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page accueil infochantiers
08 August 2016 News flash

Information on construction work and road works in the Principality in real time.

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